Comprehensive Medically Based Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Description: Full, comprehensive evaluation using applicable assessment tools, clinical observation and parent collaboration/discussion of a variety of skill areas, identified by therapist, parent and/or any other referring clinician or professional (i.e., pediatrician, speech pathologist, teacher).  Ever evaluation is child and need specific.  A full report, treatment plan and goal areas are provided by the occupational therapist following an evaluation.  This packet can be expected within 2 weeks of the initial evaluation (testing) session.
Area’s that can be addressed within an evaluation:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Coordination and Balance Skills
  • Body Awareness Abilities
  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Fine Motor Dexterity and Strength
  • Graphomotor Skills (Handwriting)
  • Oral Motor Skills
  • Activity of Daily Living Skills
  • Sensory Processing and Integration Skills

Pricing: up to 6 (45 minute) sessions totaling 270 minutes
Breakdown of sessions (per evaluator’s discretion)

  • 1-2 sessions for assessment/testing
  • 2 sessions for scoring of assessments
  • 4-6 sessions for report, goal and treatment plan write-up
  • Mini-evaluation – (times 3 sessions)
  • Short evaluation –(times 4 sessions)
  • Standard evaluation – (times 5 sessions)
  • Comprehensive full evaluation- (times 6 sessions)

*Although the write-up typically requires at least 6 sessions to complete, the total evaluation pricing will never exceed 6 sessions.
OT Treatment and Intervention:
Therapeutic Services are provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist, following assessment and formulation of measurable medically based goals and objectives.
Treatment sessions  (amount of time/number of days per week) will be decided, following occupational therapy assessment and recommendations will be provided to the client’s parents/guardians.
Area’s that can be addressed within intervention:

  • Motor Skill Development
  • Handwriting and School Support
  • Visual Perceptual Strengthening and Support
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Coordination and Balance Skills
  • Upper Body and Core Strengthening
  • Activity of Daily Living Skills (dressing, feeding, grooming, hygiene, etc.)
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Oral Motor Treatment

Policies and Procedures:
Payment is due at the time of service to BBPOTS, LLC.  Payment is due at each session.  A credit card form is provided and is an accepted method of payment for your convenience. You may contact Kathryn Tavella at Enhanced Business Solutions with your billing information at (203) 623-2654.
Treatment sessions are broken up into 15 minute billing units.  Billing statements are provided for each session and can be submitted to your insurance provider in the event you choose to pursue personal reimbursement.
There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Please call and/or email if you must cancel your child’s session.  In the event of a “no show” a session charge ($145.00) will be assessed.  In the case of an emergency or when provided with prior notice of cancellation of a session, no fee will be assessed.



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